MKC - UKI Myra Judd Kindness Classic

Who is Myra Judd??

From Stacy: I realize that my extreme love and admiration for this incredible woman might have made me forget that not everyone knew her! Myra always had a smile on her face, she had an infectious laugh, and, was someone who supported me and my agility goals and dreams as well as my business.
When we lost Myra we lost an incredible human being who I miss tremendously, and, think about pretty much everyday.
Myra is a guiding force in my quest to be a better person, to be kind, and, to see the good in everyone.
Myra was instrumental in getting a therapy dog program going at Phoenix Childrens Hospital, and, with the help of her best friend Ruth Wilson Demar there will be a special raffle at the event with all proceeds donated to the Childrens hospital. There will also be a special “Award” presented in her honor.
Sorry, it took so long to explain this portion of the event, but, she meant a lot to me, and, it means a lot to me to honor her.
Will Call orders will be accepted until Feb 15. After that orders will be shipped after the show.