Title Bars - ADCH, MACH, PDCH, PACH, etc

Whether you have already earned your title or about to earn your title, HUGE CONGRATS on your accomplishment!

This is the Home of the "Original Ernie Bar" (part of HeelerGraphics). 

I've been providing title bars to our agility community for 16 years! The designs have come a long way over the years but the love for our pups and the love for our sport remains strong. 

Take a look at the color combinations below along with the videos showing examples of my new process of applying an image with a watercolor effect directly on white glitter vinyl!

Please fill out form below and submit with information requested.

This is a custom bar and I will be sending you mock ups.

After bar is completed and ready to ship, you will be invoiced.

Any time during the process, please feel free to contact me


Thank you