Rockin Roxanne

If you have gone to any major event or trial in the Dallas area, you have definitely met Roxanne!  She is Gate Steward extraordinaire! With her short red hair, positive personality and a sign on her back telling you when to go in, you can't miss her!

Roxanne started painting rocks about 4 years ago after seeing some posts about found rocks on FB. She just thought it was a fun way to spread fun and positivity. She does 2 rocks per trial day so 6 for a 3 day trial, 10 for the 5 days of Cynosports. She often ask others to hide them for her because she's grown the reputation of hiding them. She often puts them out on a course in the ring before a walk through and try to make sure that at least one or two per trial are in Novice/Beginner courses. She ALWAYS make sure they have been found and picked up before a course is run.

There are others that do this too, BUT Roxanne's are definitely a Collector's Item! These are some of the one's from UKI US Open. UKI West Coast Open, AKC Invitational, USDAA Cynosports, Canadien Open and MORE!!

So now you too can have a Roxanne Original on a sticker! Great for H2O bottles, notebooks, water buckets and just about everywhere!